IT Compliance Information and Communication Technologies


Mission Statement

The mission of the IT Compliance Function is to ensure IT compliance with applicable State and Federal Laws & Regulations, NMSU Policies and Procedures, and to recommend the implementation of best computing and data management practices. In addition, to protect information found throughout the University by conducting risk assessments on all sensitive information, promoting IT & data security related training and awareness programs, and to monitor University systems via auditing and compliance activities in support of the University’s mission and goals.

Role and Reporting Line

The IT Compliance Function works in coordination with University management to ensure IT related risks are properly and proactively managed, mitigated or accepted.  The IT Compliance Function reports directly to the University’s Chief Information Officer & Associate VP.  Additionally, this function maintains close communication with and collaborates on various IT audit projects with the University’s Chief Audit Executive to ensure unacceptable IT risk exposures are properly communicated to the Board of Regents.  Additionally, the IT Compliance Officer has been appointed NMSU’s Chief Privacy Officer (CPO).  For more information please visit NMSU’s Privacy website.