General NMSU ICT Policies and Procedures

The purpose of this page is to centrally list all of the general information technology (IT) policies & procedures applicable to all technologies that fall under the responsibility of the NMSU Board of Regents.

Officially Approved Policies

  • NMSU¬†Regents Policy¬†Manual (RPM) –¬†Title 15 Information¬†Management and Data Security¬†– The Regents Policy Manual is the collection of policy statements/directives for the NMSU system, formally approved by the New Mexico State University Board of Regents, which govern the University at the highest level. The Regents have granted authority to the University administration to adopt additional rules and procedures as may be appropriate and necessary to implement the Regent‚Äôs policies.¬† Those additional rules and procedures, published as the ‚ÄúAdministrative Rules and Procedures‚ÄĚ (ARP) have the force and effect of policy as long as the rules and procedures are consistent with the policy directives from the Regents. Title 15 in the RPM contains the directives given to NMSU’s administration to ensure¬†adequate and effective and efficient management of NMSU’s technologies including data security, compliance¬†& privacy.¬†
  • NMSU Administrative Rules and Procedures (ARP)Title 15 Information Management and Data Security – The Office of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) is the responsible office to oversee, administer and to establish administrative rules, standards, procedures and guidelines in order to implement the Regent’s policies relating to IT and to ensure the effective management, compliance, privacy¬†and security of NMSU’s data.

Should you have any questions about IT policies and procedures do not hesitate to¬†contact NMSU Chief Privacy Officer (CPO), Carlos Lobato at 646-5902, via email¬†or Norma Grijalva, NMSU’s Chief Information Officer (CIO) at 646-7767 or via email at

Procedures and Guidelines