IT Compliance Training & Security Awareness


To ensure NMSU faculty, staff and students are made aware of their data safeguarding responsibilities, applicable data-privacy regulations and best computing practices, the Center for Learning & Professional Development Office has developed a series of compliance trainings including computer & data security, which is available online web-based 24/7.  To sign-up for the training click on the follow link.

The following Tutorial provides important basic information about FERPA and guidance on the proper safeguarding of student data.

The following link provides a document on PCI DSS training that must be signed-off electronically by all employees that handle credit card information.  Note:  For IT Compliance tracking purposes, log-in is required using the myNMSU credentials.

External Security Tips and Data Privacy Resources

What can you do to protect yourself?  Checkout the following resources as they include tips, standards and guidelines that should be practiced on your daily work and personal lives.

Identity Theft Resources

If you fall victim of Identity Theft, ensure to contact the Federal Trade Commission or IRS as soon as possible.