IT Compliance Professional Publications and Presentations

In this page you will find various presentations regarding IT compliance at New Mexico State University and some¬†articles written by the IT Compliance Officer¬†that have been published by¬†various Professional Associations.¬† Training and Awareness is essential and very important to ensure NMSU employees are conscious of their responsibility to ensure compliance with the various data privacy regulations that apply to NMSU’s IT activities and to ensure the proper safeguard of University data.



Title Date Event/Audience/Association
Computer and Data Security 10/27/2015 2015 New Mexico Public Procurement Association Conference
How to handle Data Breaches 9/17/2014 2014 ACUA Annual Conference
IT Compliance Framework 8/19/2014 2014 GRC Annual Conference (ISACA & IIA)
IT Compliance at NMSU – Laws & Regulations 10/1/2013 Administration and Finance Directors Meeting
8/29/2013 Central Purchasing & Risk Management Staff
8/15/2013 NMSU ACANS meeting
IT Compliance at NMSU and Best Computing & Data Safeguard Practices 8/23/2013 Student Affairs Staff
IT Compliance Framework for Institutions of Higher Education 9/26/2013 2013 ACUA Annual Conference
7/25/2013 REN-ISAC
Laws and Regulations Matrix 4/29/2013 CHECS meeting2013
4/15/2013 2013 Annual EDUCAUSE
Information Security Conference